2014 Polar Plunge

The 2014 Polar plunge was a fundraiser for a X-ray Viewer for the Claris Health Centre and a defibrillator to be based at Okiwi School ( Okiwi Kura ).

Three different spots were chosen to plunge into;

  • Port Fitzroy Wharf 12:30pm
  • Medlands Beach (south end) 2:00pm
  • Mulberry Grove School 2:00pm

Unfortunately, a storm caused major damage to the north of the island and the Fitzroy Wharf event was cancelled. The Medlands Beach and Mulberry grove events continued though raising $1613.60 for the purchase of the X-Ray Viewer.

Medlands Beach

Photos provided by Lisa Cunningham.

 Mulberry Grove

Photos provided by Gael Johnson.

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