Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust

Great Barrier Island Health Information


The Trust actively fundraises throughout the year. Fundraising events give the community an opportunity to show support for the core work of the Trust which is: providing the best infrastructure to support the health team to deliver excellence in health care / dental care / well-being for all on Aotea.

The Garden Tour

Spectacular By Nature, is the Trust’s key fund-raising event, and is supported by 100’s of volunteer hours. The Garden Tour attracts approximately 150 participants. Behind the scenes the mahi includes: hours of planning, liaison with local transport providers, arranging tour guides, making freshly baked goodies / sandwiches for lunch bags, people to help at each lunch or morning tea stop, local craft people to add value by displaying “barrier-made” at tour stops, and of course the months of devotion by island gardeners.

For more information please visit the ‘Spectacular by Nature’ website.


Donated goods are continuously raffled at the front desk of the Community Health Centre, Claris. Unless specifically targeted, raffle income contributes to the medical equipment fund.

Polar Plunge

This iconic event has been the Health Trust’s fun challenge for more than 25 years. Held mid-winter it is for the hardy locals, and brave children. The three island Primary Schools support this event. Each year the Health Team prioritise the purchase of a specific piece of equipment for the Polar Plunge goal.

Donations / Bequests

Always gratefully accepted, these donations often come from patients or their whanau wishing to thank the Trust for their dedication in maintaining the focus of providing the best possible technology / equipment / space / connection to enable health provision on this remote island.

Midwinter Polar Plunge
Polar Plunge midwinter.

Great Barrier Island Emergency Numbers

Port Fitzroy Nurses Cottage4290-047
In the unlikely event of no answer at the numbers above, dial 111.