The Trust actively fundraises throughout the year

  • Raffles – donated goods are continuously raffled at the front desk of the Community Health Centre. Unless specifically targeted raffle income contributes to the medical equipment fund.
  • Mussel Fest: The Health Trust has a stall at this annual event held in Port Fitzroy every summer. Large numbers of visitors from the mainland attend this festival where mussels are cooked and sold in a variety of recipes from small stalls set up around the Boat Club. Live entertainment is provided as well. Each year the Trust has maintained a stall – through generous donations from local mussel farmers of the raw material and a dedicated team of volunteer chefs – mussels are prepared and sold raising funds for the Te Kotuku Cottage at Port Fitzroy.
  • Polar Plunge: This has been the Health Trust’s iconic event for more than 20 years. The three primary schools support this event and children and adults alike over the years have plunged for ‘Health’ in June most years. There is a specific piece of equipment the Health team have prioritised to be funded by the Plunge.
  • Spectacular by Nature’: Since 2008 the Health Trust has arranged and managed a magnificent garden tour each November. This event has become one of the largest fundraising events on the Island and involves 100’s of hours of volunteer time and energy. The feedback has been outstanding, national garden celebrities have begun paying attention, each year presents a different challenge, the Trust hopes that the Garden Tour will continue into the future as an important event on the Great Barrier Island calendar.
  • Donations / bequests are gratefully accepted and often come from patients wishing to thank the Health Trust for the services they have received: From the superlative Health Team in the context of the excellent equipment / building / infrastructure and one-stop-shop support offered through this proudly community owned Health Centre at Claris and Te Kotuku Cottage (‘the Nurses Cottage’) in the North.
Fundraising - Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust Polar Plunge volunteers.
Polar Plunge midwinter.