Vehicle Fleet

The Health Trust currently owns a fleet of seven vehicles.

Initially a 1990 grant by the Health Department provided a vehicle for the resident doctor. This was viewed by the Department as a targeted way of assisting the doctor in meeting patient needs in a community spanning more than 80 km of gravel roads and an area as big as the whole of metropolitan Auckland.

The modernised fleet comprises 4 fully four wheel drive diesel SUV’s and two smaller four wheel drive vehicles. These vehicles provide transport for two doctors and five nurses. The Health Trust budgets the lease received from Aotea Health Ltd and upgrades vehicles on a three year cycle.

Vehicle Fleet - Mrs Patricia Sanderson standing in frount of the car fleet.
Mrs Patricia Sanderson surveys some of the fleet.

Road surface improvements throughout Great Barrier over the past 10 years have been significant and new vehicle purchases will be able to take this into account.