Vehicle Fleet

The Health Trust currently owns a fleet of vehicles which are rented to Aotea Health Limited.

A 1990 grant by the Health Department provided a vehicle for the resident doctor. This was viewed by the department as a targeted way of assisting the doctor to meet patient needs in a community spanning more than 80 km of gravel roads.

In 2019 the modernised fleet provides transport for doctors and rural nurses.

Road surface improvements throughout Aotea / Great Barrier over the past 10 years have been significant; the entire “main” road from Port Fitzroy south to Tryphena wharf is now sealed. However, many people live in remote locations accessed by gravel / dirt tracks; the health team need to have a selection of vehicles suitable to the island conditions.

Vehicle Fleet - Mrs Patricia Sanderson standing in frount of the car fleet.
Mrs Patricia Sanderson surveys some of the fleet.