Vision for the Future

Report for 2019 looking forward 3 – 5 years

  • The Trust’s mission is to focus on provision and maintenance of excellent facilities from which first class health and social services can be accessed.
  • Anticipating and responding to evolving needs in our growing community and paralleling diversification and specialisation within the Health Team with which it is in close co-operation


To equip and maintain the Community Health Centre, the Community Dental Clinic and the Nurses Cottage at by fundraising, lobbying and management of the current resources including vehicles.

1. To maintain in best condition the Community Health Centre, and the Community Dental Clinic – at Claris – and the Nurses Cottage at Port Fitzroy- and to upgrade when needed and as funds become available.

  • Ensure access to sustainable systems / infrastructure i.e. power, water, sewerage. Current focus; improve alternative power systems at both the Nurses Cottage and at the Community Health Centre.
  • Maintain all buildings in compliance with statutory requirements and undertake regular planned maintenance. Through ‘current works’ planning. Current foci:
    1. Community Health Centre: Check cedar cladding for Mason Bee infiltration, regular painting maintenance and repair of windows / doors.
    2. the Nurses Cottage: Review condition of roof, wooden window frames and condition of barge boards. Review kitchen space

2. To acquire new and improved equipment, furniture and vehicles for the use of resident and visiting health professionals

  • Community Dental Clinic – refurbishment
  • Community Health Centre: Review clinical spaces and furnishings: including ergonomic reconfiguration
  • The Nurses Cottage: Assessment of furnishings
  • Fundraise for current ‘wish list’: assess need for new equipment and review / purchase replacement of older equipment
  • Continue three yearly vehicle upgrades

3. To beautify the Community Health Centre environments by landscaping and planting in harmony with planning by council

  • Maintain present landscaping, focus on addition of appropriate plantings around building borders, and attention to lawn quality, continue landscaping.
  • Choose local sourced native trees when replacing or enhancing the natural environment


To devote attention to health on Aotea / Great Barrier Island (GBI) and in this regard to take steps to promote, encourage and create good health awareness within the community

  • Lead community role: To provide conduit between GBI community and health professionals – communication of evolving health needs
  • Observe population trends and changes – anticipate expansion of needs
  • Support and encourage health professionals to provide a high quality and safe primary health care service – refer GBI Health Needs Assessment document
    • Update vehicles and equipment regularly for their use
    • Support any health funding initiatives, to ensure appropriate funding for health provision for the community of GBI
  • Support continuity of care by known health professional staff
    • Confirm need for at least 2 permanent General Practitioner positions
    • Confirm need for at least 4 Rural Nurse positions
    • Encourage allied health services to provide regular clinical support on Island. i.e. optometry, audiology, physiotherapy etc.
  • Communicate with Auckland District Health Board / Ministry of Health / Accident Compensation Corporation in respect of any health concerns on GBI as appropriate to these agencies


To employ a Community Worker on behalf of the residents of Aotea / Great Barrier Island (GBI): to mobilise resources for local people, to liaise with government departments / ministries as necessary, to disseminate information important to the social, political, economic and cultural needs of the Island Community.

  • Appropriately funded and resourced social service i.e. the Community Worker Project (CWP) to protect the social, economic and cultural health / well-being of the GBI Community
    • Lobby funders – Auckland Council, Ministry of Social Development, Lottery Grants, COGS, Aotea Health
  • To ensure good employment practices
    • Appropriate supervision / supportive employer relationship / regular pay reviews
    • Adherence to legislative / contractual requirements
  • Support for local people to attend public secondary health clinical services in Auckland by assisting with travel arrangements: liaison Aotea Health and Ministry of Health (MOH) and Aotea Family Support Group Charitable Trust
  • Advocacy and navigation for residents in respect of applications to Ministry of Health, Accident Compensation Corporation, Inland Revenue Department, Corrections Department and the Ministry of Social Development (WINZ) for appropriate financial assistance, explanations of paperwork and secretarial assistance (fax/email/scan/copy) as needed. Services to Work and Income (WINZ) as defined by the contractual arrangement in place: to provide verification of documents and a conduit for information from residents to the ministry.
  • Community networking and response: facilitation / arrangement of community meetings, organisation and explanations to the community about funding availability, assistance with applications for such, with a special relationship – as defined by the contractual arrangement – with Auckland Council / Local Board funding opportunities. Responding to requests for information – statistical and analytical – by reference to most up-to-date research – for mainland organisations and agencies particularly Auckland Council
  • The CWP is to keep statistical information to assist with identification of social / economic trends in community population.

Evaluation of Process

AGM of Health Trust

At each AGM reports are provided from:

  • Health Trust Chairperson – report to the community on fundraising, building improvements, equipment purchase, trends in health care observed on Island
  • Aotea Health to provide a Health Team report which highlights relevant statistical evidence and trends seen through provision of health care. Providing information to the community and encouraging community feedback concerning health needs.
  • Community Worker to provide an annual report in relation to all parts of job description (specified in CW Job description)
  • Community Forum: for feedback, concerns and bouquets to the Trust in respect of the Trusts stated aims and responsibilities.