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The Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust logo.
The Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust logo.

Great Barrier Island is an isolated rural community with a high degree of unemployment and low income. It lies 90km north east of Auckland.

There is no reticulated power, sewerage, or public transport. Commercial transport both within and off the Island is expensive and often beyond the means of many residents. There is no Cottage Hospital, Laboratory, Physiotherapist, or Undertaker.

The Trust was formed as a response to this situation; a creative Island based solution to its social/health needs. The community run the Trust. It consists of 9 trustees; six representing the community (each elected tri-annually) and one each representing Ngati Rehua – Ngati Wai ki Aotea, the practising doctors, and the practising nurses.

The three main aims of the trust are;

  • To equip and maintain the Community Health Centre at Claris and Te Kotuku Cottage at Port Fitzroy, by fundraising, lobbying, and management of the current resources, including vehicles.
  • To devote particular attention to health on Great Barrier Island and in this regard to take steps to promote, encourage, and create good health awareness within the community.
  • To employ a community worker on behalf of the residents.

The Health Trust interfaces closely with “Aotea Health Ltd”, the team of health professionals on the Island. The Trust provides them with up-to-date modern facilities (owned by the community which they in turn lease) and from which the health services required by residents and visitors to Great Barrier Island are provided.

Windy Canyon GBI

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  • Lottery Grants Board