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Polar Plunge

The Polar Plunge has been the Health Trust’s iconic event for more than 20 years. Mulberry Grove, Kaitoke, and Okiwi primary schools support this event and children and adults alike over the years have plunged for ‘Health’ in June most years. In the past the Health Trust prioritised the purchase of a specific piece of equipment for the Polar Plunge goal. From 2023 onwards the funds raised will be specifically tagged for continuing the Rural Women NZ – Awana Branch Diamond Jubilee Scholarship. This one thousand dollar award is granted to a Year 8 pupil for their secondary education. The three island Primary School Principals chose the recipient prior to the end of the school year.

A picture of the 2009 Polar Plunge, Kaitoke Beach, Great Barrier Island.
2009 Polar Plunge, Kaitoke Beach, Great Barrier Island.

Great Barrier Island Emergency Numbers

Doctor 4290-356
Nurse 4290-356
Ambulance 111
Port Fitzroy Nurses Cottage 4290-047
In the unlikely event of no answer at the numbers above, dial 111.